My Trompe L'Oeil murals I made in commission.

dated 1998 until 2021 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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3D floor painting


  In the play basement of Terralta Apartments in Benidorm, I designed and painted this 3D painting on the floor. I have connected it to the sidewall, where I had previously painted the garden on the wall. I think it would be fun if the kids would make an exciting "selfie" on it! You can always send me a nice photo of yourself standing on my painting! on the left side you can see the guestbook, please send me an email, I'm looking forward to it. p.s. On the photo you see my  parents of 89 and 90 years, standing on my painting!



Special for Terralta Apartamentos, my favourite Hotel in Benidorm for many years, I designed and painted a 18 meters long garden with all the beautiful flowers and trees in it. The real ones are growing very near to the building ! I painted it special for the waiting parents of the playing children.

At the Dutch Club in Spain


The reading corner at the Dutch Club in Spain has now received a quiet " lookout " !

Ceiling painting


Commissioned by my dentist I made a ceiling painting on panel of 120cm diameter. There is much to see and gives peace in the treatment chair of the dentist !

Mural for kids


At a pharmacy I painted a cabinet containing the carefully preserved toys owned by the pharmacist.

Landscape of Holland


Trompe L'loeil painting made in Oil paint.



Because I like to paint on my holidays, I was allowed in exchange for a studio bed, to make this painting in Spain . The apartment complex has a children's playroom for her guests. There I painted with pleasure, a clown and lots of colored balls on the wall.