In the 17th and 18th century grisailles paintings in white and gray tones, increasingly used as an imitation of sculpture and ornament in the decoration of a home.

Often grisailles were located above doors or in the corners of a ceiling mounted as a panel filling.

A specialist in this field was Jacob de Wit

(born in Amsterdam 1695-1754) after which these kind of paintings wer named "witjes" - "the whites".

Because of my previous experience with Trompe L'oeil murals, someone asked me "Why don't you make Whites in this time, your name has White in it!

If you go to Grisailles, goes into the gallery, you can see my work and a film where I show the painting technique. (Start at 9:00 minutes to see only me)

Because I like to deceive people's eyes, I started making the 3D and Grisalles.

Best suited for this job is Oil paint, because you can make a nice soft transition with a badger brush.